VDLD Spr07
The Vehicle Data Logging Device
  1. The Vehicle Data Logging device is a senior design project sponsored by Dr. Yiannis Papelis from the University of Central Florida's College of Electrical and Computer Science. As outlined by Dr. Papelis, the project's intention is to build a compact hardware device that logs data acquired by various sensors on a passenger vehicle. Vehicle data that is to be logged includes: geographic location, engine RPM, throttle position, accelerations, speed, yaw rate, and forward looking video. The device must include some method of configuration as well as an easy way to retrieve the data. The device must meet budget restrictions ($400) to allow for widespread data gathering usage. Finally, the device must be portable and easy to install.
Logged Data:
GPS Location
Throttle Position
Engine RPM
Lat & Long Accelerations
Turning Rate
Forward Looking Video
Rabbit 3220 Microcontroller
ELM327 OBDII Interpreter
Garmin 18 GPS Module
uALFAT SD Module
C328 Camera Module
ADIS16100 Yaw Rate Gyro
ADXL213 Accelerometer
Many Misc Components...
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